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Who is TalentEarth?

TalentEarth is an online employment networking platform designed to connect talented individuals with the Jobs and Opportunities in their communities. To put it simply, we want to turn your Talent into money in your pocket! So whether you are employed full time and want to turn a hobby into extra income, or if you are looking to turn a passion into a full time career, we can help. And it's easy too! So if you are interested and want to know exactly how it works, then read on!

"Not everyone is skilled at marketing themselves and selling their talents to others. Our site lets you find opportunities that are available, connects you with those opportunities and then lets you show the world what you can do. All from the comfort of your own computer."
- The TalentEarth Team

TalentEarth and Community

Why waste a wealth of Talent right here on your doorstep! By focusing on insourcing, our goal is to keep more jobs here in the United States! Together, we can help support the local economy and, as a result, create even more opportunity in our local communities.

TalentEarth and Business

As an employer, time and money are valuable. Why waste both dealing with third party recruiters who are more interested in placing candidates than in finding the perfect fit for your opportunity? Take control of your hires with TalentEarth.

TalentEarth and You

Now more than ever, competition is fierce for the opportunities available. When employers get 500 applicants for a single job, a resumé just doesn't cut it any more. With TalentEarth you are much more than a resumé. Show off your work, illustrate your experience and tell YOUR story. Be an ideal candidate, not just a piece of paper.

Meet our Executive Team

Who you know is often as important as what you know. TalentEarth's employment networking platform allows you to seek complimentary Talent, form profitable relationships and market your skills to other registered users. Pro members can even form powerful Mini-teams® and tackle larger projects. See and be seen on TalentEarth!

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* TalentEarth´s employment network currently only provides services for Employers and Talent in the U.S. Our network is growing every day and we will soon be expanding around the globe. If you would like to learn more about our future deployments, click here for more information.