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How It Works

TalentEarth takes hiring and job searching to a whole new level. With us you are much more than a resume, you are a person. Gone are the days of 2 Dimensional job searching. Now employers can see just what you have to offer in one convenient place! Tell them about yourself, show samples of your work, even team up with other individuals with complimentary Talents and form powerful Mini-Teams®. It's all available at the click of a mouse with TalentEarth.

Create an Account

Sharing your Talent with the world, and connecting with available opportunities is easy with TalentEarth. "How easy?" you ask. Great question. First, simply log onto and give us your name and email address. Then open the email we send you and click on the confirmation button. Bam, you're in! The rest is just details.

Fill in the Details

Now Create a User ID and Password, choose your account type and start putting in your profile information, contact info, how you want to get paid, etc. You'll also get a chance to tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

Tell Us What You Do

Now you're getting to the good stuff. Your Talents! Your Talents are what you do well. They are the skills you are going to market to make money. So tell us what it is that you do best and be descriptive. The more detail you give, the better your chances of getting found and hired!

Upload Your Work

Ok, almost done now! The last step before you actually dive in and start using TalentEarth is to SHOW us what you've done. So get samples of your best work and upload them to the system for everyone to see. Videos, photos, documents, urls and more. Show off!

And That's It!

Now you can search for jobs and Opportunites, check out other Talent and, if you are a Pro level user, even link up with other Talented individuals and form Mini-Teams® to tackle larger projects.

After the Contract

After you connect with an Opportunity and get hired, TalentEarth has a host of tools available to help you manage your project. Communicate with the other party, show work progress, upload digital files, set milestones, schedule tasks and more.

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* TalentEarth´s employment network currently only provides services for Employers and Talent in the U.S. Our network is growing every day and we will soon be expanding around the globe. If you would like to learn more about our future deployments, click here for more information.