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How It Works For Business

TalentEarth takes hiring and job searching to a whole new level. takes hiring and job searching to a whole new level. Gone are the days of 2 Dimensional job searching. Resumes simply do not say enough to properly qualify a candidate, which means you end up wasting time interviewing the wrong people. With TalentEarth you get a real sense for the candidate and you can see everything they have to offer in one convenient place! Read about the candidate, view their work experience, browse all the samples of their work and contact them if they fit the bill. Here's how...

Create an Account

Start by logging onto and giving us your name and email address. Don't forget to check the BUSINESS radial button. Then open the email we send you and click on the button to confirm your email address.

Fill in the Details

Now Create a User ID and Password, select your account type and start entering your information. Name, Title, Company Contact info, URL, Etc. You can also enter a brief summary of your company.

Post Jobs

If you opt to post jobs now, you can list all the separate positions you have available and decide if you want them viewable publicly or by invitation only.

or Search Talent

If you decide not to post any jobs just yet, you can skip right to your Company Home Page and start searching available Talent. See who's available, review their information and see their body of work in just a few clicks. Find one (or more) that you like and contact them or invite them to view any private job listings you have posted.

And That's It!

You're set up and ready to go! Add multiple jobs, customize your profile, communicate with Talent and feel good knowing that you are helping Americans by keeping jobs in America.

After the Contract

After you connect with Talent and hire the perfect candidate you can utilize a host of tools available to help you manage your project. Communicate with the other party, view work progress, review uploaded digital files, set milestones, schedule tasks and more.

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* TalentEarth´s employment network currently only provides services for Employers and Talent in the U.S. Our network is growing every day and we will soon be expanding around the globe. If you would like to learn more about our future deployments, click here for more information.