[matrix] productions

Los Angeles, California http://www.matrixprod.com


[matrix] creative / production services, based in Los Angeles, is a full service boutique production company specializing in high-end live performance and innovative content for TV and digital media.

Housing an exclusive team of the most sought-after video directors, stage directors, creative directors, music directors, choreographers and access to the best equipment, set design, crew, lighting, sound, talent, and performers, [matrix] is a unique resource to create and execute a top quality final product.

Led by executive Jennifer Horton, [matrix] draws from her 10+ years in the entertainment industry spanning work on major tours, TV shows, film, commercial campaigns beginning as an agent, then manager, and eventually the hands-on responsibility of producing alongside her clients.

[matrix] begins with the creative vision and handles every step along the way to execute and deliver the finished project, including budgeting, pre-production, casting, contracts, locations, post-production, etc. [matrix] also develops and produces original content.

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