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In 2011 a group of like-minded creatives built the first TalentEarth site as we saw the need to have a place where great Talent could reside. What we learned at that time was that companies still struggled to find the right talent when then need it.

We also learned that most projects require a team and many businesses find putting one together easily to be a challenge. So TalentEarth patented the online teaming process and that is how we pivoted toward providing businesses with the exact team they need - when they need it.

An Experience that changed our lives

In 2014 we were asked to attend a VIP Portfolio show for graduates at a prominent art school.  We toured the tables of various graduates and came across one young lady that had the most stunning display of artwork that she created.

When we started to speak with her, we quickly recognized that she was very shy. She struggled to make eye contact or talk about her phenomenal talent. The need for a "team-based" site immediately made sense to us as most artists are not marketing people - instead they are highly creative people that do what they do best.

Today this same artist can be part of a team that has a project manager that will handle all the day-to-day interfacing with the clients needs and she can now focus directly on what she does best...     Being Creatively Amazing!

What the future holds

TalentEarth will disrupt the freelance market with a technology-enabled delivery solution that is team based, creative-centric and digitally delivered.  Something never been done before.

TalentEarth believes businesses are entering a period where the freelancer is beginning to outpace the traditional worker, and by 2027, will surpass them. TalentEarth forecasted this long before others recognized this global shift of how working will evolve into the future. Because of this we were fortunate to secure patents that will directly impact how large corporations will be able to progress forward inside this new economy.